How does Building Doctors work?


It’s a question we’re often asked but it really is quite simple. What we’ve done is taken the complex areas of architecture, building and design – the key components of any extension, conversion or home improvement project – and combined them into one package. We’ve then broken the package down again into easy-to-understand services from which you can pick and choose. We know that some people like to get stuck in and do part of the architectural and building work themselves. If you’re great at interior design, then you don’t need to use us for that part of the project. Or you might want to shop around and use another professional for any elements of the project. That’s fine. In fact, the way Building Doctors works makes integrating what you want us to do and what you want someone else to do seamless.

Of course, we’re happy to take on the entire design project. We have a team of highly experienced architects, interior designers and surveyors, and great relationships with our contractors. We’ve been designing, building and consulting on stunning interiors for over 20 years now so we’re pretty good at what we do!

We split our services into “Kits”. As well as allowing you to cherry-pick the level of help you need from us, doing this provides a useful checklist for you to follow and allows you to plan each element of the build. It also makes costs transparent.

We’ll help you work out what Kits you require, and how many, during our project starter visit. That’s the time you’ll meet with an architect to discuss your ideas for your extension, conversion, interior or even complete new home.  The meeting lasts 60-90 minutes. During this time we’ll establish your requirements, address any issues, propose solutions and design options, and give you a good idea of timelines and costs. It’s a consultative process from concept to completion.

So what next?  If you decide to go ahead with Building Doctors, you’ll open one of three types of accounts. The account you open depends on the level of involvement you need from us. Our accounts give you access to information such as sample specifications and drawings, and to our tried and tested project management routines to enable you to develop your own project if you wish. If you require our full help, our premium account provides our complete architect’s management service. It’s a flexible way of working – you only pay for what you need from us.

Whichever account you choose, you’ll have a load of telephone talk-time so you’ll have on-going expert advice and all the top tips you need. And if you’re a fan of social media, you can get extra hints and tips from following us on Facebook, You Tube and Twitter or by reading our blog.

So, that’s it. Once your account is opened, we’ll book in your survey. And then the hard work – and the exciting bit – starts: the creation of your dream home.  

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