Book an architect from Building Doctors, architects in London


Building a new home, etenstion or conversion? Before you take the first step to building your house use an architect to:

• Check your ideas
• Get design options
• Make own program
• Establish the hurdles
• Find the knowledge
• Use our experience

  1. Book an architect’s visit, show your whole house, garden and the project build area.
  2. Review hurdles, neighbours, party wall and permissions.
  3. Establish your requirements, create build options, and cost variables.
  4. Propose solutions, solve issues, and create alternative view point.
  5. Discuss drawings you need: Survey, Options, Planning, Building Regulations and Details.
  1. Discuss other Consultants, Types of Builders, Statutory Fees & Insurances.
  2. Summarise your milestones, Costs, Program and Priorities.
  3. Receive your first Architect Minutes by email and summary
    project est.
  4. Telephone meeting to answer questions.
  5. Agree target costs, Open an Account, Book a Survey date
45 mins Consultation
Have all your questions
answered and more…!
+ travel cost outside M25