As the children grew bigger and nosier, our house became smaller… so we built a peaceful sanctuary in the loft. This has increased the house value and given us the best views.Quote

Mr & Mrs Brennan
– Victoria Park 2005

New loft

My New Loft

Case Study 5

Building in the loft is a natural way to increase the value of a building, keep the kids at the same school and avoid all the upheaval of moving house.

This East London couple had several different ways to build their loft – we helped them understand the various stair layout and construction Stage A options they had. In Stage B we proposed combining insulation materials to ensure the house was both warm in winter, and did not suffer heat gain in summer. A whole house ventilation and heat recovery system was used to filter and recycle warm air produced in the house enabling fresh air to circulate without windows being opened.

Building Doctors provided full project management – orchestrating the main contractor and providing key suppliers on time to a planned budget.