Office design and fit outs by Building Doctors

Case Study 3

We don’t just design your office space. We transform it into a unique, modern place that works for your business and your brand. And – just as importantly – works for your staff.

A poor office environment contributes significantly to staff turnover. Bad layout, lighting and colour schemes, shabby facilities and communal areas. If your office doesn’t look good and feel great, chances are that your staff won’t be feeling great either. Whether your office needs a quick makeover or a complete re-design, we work with you and to your budget to create somewhere that your staff will want to be and your clients will be filled with confidence. We design meeting rooms that are quiet and calming, receptions that are made to impress. We look at décor to ensure it inspires and we help you make maximum use of your space.

From lighting design to furniture, we combine style with function for an effective office space and happy staff.

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